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Every Woman Must Learn How To Love Herself!

Every Woman Must Learn How To Love Herself!


The most essential of all things the world needs is that every woman must learn to love herself. Because it nourishes her physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Despite this, it also fills and feeds her with the ability to understand her personal preferences and thoughts impeccably.

Every woman must learn to know,

# How to pamper herself over taking care of others’ needs? And

# How to prioritize herself over everyone?

Because, as women, we often learn to take care of everyone’s needs around us. That becomes our priority, and what we need takes a backseat.

Unfortunately, this ends up leaving us depleted, which means we don’t only suffer, but we can’t also give the best of ourselves to others. We aren’t taught how to show ourselves care or love. So we don’t know where to begin.

And those of us who know, what we should be doing? Struggle to devote time to it.

Because life often gets in this way.

Commitments come up. And self-love is usually the first thing to fly out the window.

Because we don’t see it as important.

As a woman who would like to state to every woman – If there’s one thing we can make time for in our lives, this should be it.
No ifs, No buts, or maybes.
Make yourselves a priority today.
Because nobody else will do it for you.

I don’t let one day pass by without showing myself at least one act of self-care.

It took me years to realize that I deserve it. So if you’re not realized that yet, consider this.

You deserve it! You do!

And the people in your life should recognize this too.

Nevertheless, learn how to love, pamper and prioritize ourselves as a woman…

# Project a beautiful date for yourself and enjoy every moment of it.

I think we often hope that a romantic relationship will take care of all of our desires and needs. That’s why we always search for a guy or a partner compatible with our dreams.

But by doing so, we leave our happiness up to chance, and in the hands of another person, which is something that is not within our control, to begin with.

So, If no one has taken you or invite you on a date.

Invite yourself on a date. What’s the big deal?

Go for candlelight dinner, head to an art gallery, watch the sunset, go for a walk on the beach, or walk bare feet on the green.

Do whatever your heart says…


# Reminisce yourself frequently I love you. You deserve everything.

We spend too much time criticizing ourselves.

Say something positive and empowering to yourself when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

Even if you feel silly or strange doing this at first, keep going. Eventually, this will come naturally to you.


# Celebrate yourself as a woman.

Think about all the reasons why you’re amazing as a woman and all the things you’ve achieved so far to make yourself gratified.

# Don’t be so harsh on yourself.

Allow yourself to take a rest. Take a couple of minutes of nap to feel fresh.

# Enjoy being a child again.

Do something you enjoyed doing as a child – just for fun.  Play with kids. Have fun with yourself.


# Forgive yourself.

All of us make mistakes, and we all fail sometimes. This is something we all do. What really matters is the lessons we learn from those experiences, and how we move forward. Because when we hold on to something it only weighs us down and holds us back from living our life to the fullest. So I request you all to forgive yourself, release whatever you’re holding onto, and let it go.

# Connect with someone.

It means having a real, real, heart-to-heart conversation with someone.

A time when you both get to speak from the depths of your souls, without control or censorship.


# Plant your own garden.

Stop waiting for someone else to buy you flowers. Plant your own garden.

Sitting and doing like nothing, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, or listen to some music.

Pamper yourself by getting a massage or spa either at home or wherever you want.

Always try something new.


# Masturbate

When you orgasm, you release hormones that make you feel relaxed and happier. This can be a much-needed stress release in times of need.

Plus, playing with yourself is a great way to connect with your body, and embrace your sexual energy.

Light some candles, put some music on, slip into something that makes you feel sexy – whatever feels good for you.

# Sway

Move your body in ways that feel good to you, let the music move through you, and let your body feel free. Shed your clothes, embrace your beautiful body, dance naked.

Your self-worth and beauty are not tied to appearance, so learn to accept your body as it is.


# Prioritize your happiness

The people we surround ourselves with have a huge influence on our lives, so it’s vital we surround ourselves with kind people who love and support us.

Remember, not all relationships are meant to last forever.

If there’s someone in your life who doesn’t make you feel good or bring you joy, it’s time to part ways.

Be honest with them, and prioritize your own happiness over theirs for a change.


# Be Daring

Do something that excites you, even as it scares you yet you are afraid of, because it requires stepping away from the safe path you’ve traveled all your life, and venturing out into the wild.

Explore your deepest feelings, and try to understand yourself deeply.

No matter how big or small your fears or insecurities are, learn how to face them directly and conquer them.


# Limit social media for your serene.

Give yourself a time limit for using social media, if you have to use it. If you don’t, then allow yourself to completely disconnect from it whenever you desire.

While you sleep turn off your phone because you deserve peace.


# Speak Up

Don’t try and mask how you’re feeling, because it will only linger. Let it out. If you need to take a night off ask your partner to put the kids to bed. Speak up for yourself.


# Enjoy solo bath

Run yourself a long and relaxing bath in a bathtub. Pour in some bath salts and essential oils, light some candles, scatter some flower petals, put on some relaxing music, and lie back and enjoy.


# Enjoy Night outs alone or with your gals gang.

Just sitting outside under the night sky, and drinking in the stars and the moonlight can be such a beautiful experience. Experience it. Either alone or with ur gang.

No matter how many times you’re told not to, choose to love every part or stage of yourself and encourage all the women in your life to do the same.


When a woman learns to love who she is on a soul level, she will finally begin to feel beautiful, worthy, and enough on the inside. And the stronger this inner feeling grows, the more confident and comfortable you’ll feel about yourself both inside, and out.


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