happily ever after

The Pursuit Of Happily Ever After!

                                                    The Pursuit Of  Happily Ever After!


Kehne ko to Ek Choti si line hai “The pursuit of happily ever after.” Par Kya Sach Mei Aisa Hai?  Yeh Ek Sochne wali baat hai!

Are weddings happily ever after?

Ask a million people what they think a perfect wedding looks like and you will get a million different answers.

Many people say yes, because they are really happy in their marriage, While some say no. Many of them don’t tie the knot yet while some are on the way for it.

Some cling to something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

Some people prefer to honor the tradition of the bride and the groom. Not seeing each other until they make it to the altar. While some consider these rules archaic. A relic of a past built on superstition and age-old patriarchy.


Still, couples pursuit happily ever after belief …It’s not like real people just magically live happily ever after—it takes a lot of hard work.


This Phrase borrowed from fairy tale endings. It is used to suggest that everything will work out perfectly in the future. But it’s not worked out inadvertently.

It needs a lot of patience, more hard work, understanding one needs, giving each other space, time, love, care, compatibility, respect, cooperation,  and a lot more.


I want to tell you something:

For many, many years I dreamed of happily ever after marriages as a little girl. Every time I saw couples falling in love, looking like they were destined for one another, my heart pounded and my mind was filled with dreams of this kind of union.


Lekin Kehte Hai Na Jo Hum Chahte Hai Woh Hota Nahi Hai!  Aur Jo Hota Hai Woh Hum Soch Bhi Nahi Sakte..


Ever since I got married, the pursuit of a happily ever after had been swirling in my head.  It’s because of my conviction, that weddings go happily ever after like a fairytale story.  But true to say, my marriage works opposite of my conviction. All my dreams shattered so I am.

It’s not necessary that every wedding goes like a fairytale one, maybe some wedding requires more hard work to make it alive.

So guys, don’t ever pursuit happily ever after as a goal. Just make it happen for you regardless of old traditions and new trends.

Still, the truth has lasted the test of time because humans keep falling in love.  And for better or worse, a very worthwhile leap of faith towards their happily ever after continues.

happily ever after

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