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Are We Really Happy Or Just Distracted?

              Happiness is just a state of mind!


Happiness comes from inside satisfaction. How much we are satisfied with our lives, with our work, with our relationships, with our environment, and with the world…

#Happiness requires focus and balance and is never dependent on the energy of others.

There’s a big difference between being truly happy and distracting ourselves from sadness. So,

#What makes Us happy?

It’s not an easy question.
Ask people if they’re happy?

Surprisingly! We find ourselves astonished by their answers because most of them will say yes and the left says no.

It’s because most people exactly don’t know what is happiness?

But think about it for a few moments. What is it that makes us happy?

@Our kids? Our new phone?
A relaxing Saturday of sleeping in? Some future vacation? An interesting hobby?

What about at work? What makes you happy there?
Being busy? Getting things done? Helping others?
Accomplishments? Accolades? Solving fun problems?

There’s no wrong answer. There’s no universal definition of happiness.

#But there’s one more important question.

Of the things that make us happy today, which ones are going to give us a happy life?
Or, better put, if today’s actions defined our life, would we consider it a good life?

And if not, are those things really in our best interest? Are they really making us happy? Or are they just making us distracted?
Is Happiness the Goal?

Imagine a world where everything we want is available at a moment’s grasp. A world where all of our expectations match the exact reality we’ll face in life. Is this happiness?

Ask ourselves this:  Do we want this moment to last forever?

Is there anything we would rather be? If we don’t value it, maybe it’s not happiness.

I truly believe that both true happiness or just distraction from sadness is a matter of “choice”. They are just like two sides of the same coin..the question is “Which side would we like to see?”

Being happy means we are enjoying the moment and being distracted from sadness means we know we are sad but we don’t want to feel right now cause we know if we will accept it, it will hurt, from the bottom of our heart, so we are just leaving it for some other time.


# True happiness is being satisfied with everything that’s happening with our life, everything that has happened, contentment if we will. And,

Being distracted from the pain, is when we lie to ourselves and say that everything is great, and try to tell ourselves that we’re happy, but it’s not true…we no longer wish for anything but to be at peace, to know true, divine happiness, but deep down, we know we’ll never know what is true happiness, so we distract ourselves to keep from confronting our feelings because we just want things to go back to the way things were.

So, we just put on a smile for everyone around us to disguise our pain, and wait until we’re behind closed doors to reveal our true feelings…


#I want to say something that I feel is crucial for all people to know. 

In today’s digital world, happiness is assaulted by us.

The time, when we have to enjoy the moment, we are indulged in the insane urge of capturing our happy moments to share with others, which is like deliberately killing our happiness.

The minute we see something beautiful, there is the urge to capture it digitally to get accolades from others on the beautiful experience we were lucky enough to have. Is this is happiness? Are we really happy?

When were we actually enjoying the moment? We were only busy recording and sharing it. Did we give ourselves even a minute of quiet introspection, a moment in which we just absorbed the beauty?

The answer is NO! Because We were just dependent on the energy of others for our happiness.


It is difficult to comprehend, but some of our happiest moments are when we are quietly immersed at the moment. When the mind, rather than being distracted, is at rest and is peaceful.


Happy thoughts and memories float across our consciousness and all is well with the world as we maximize our own energy and rejuvenate ourselves.


It is crucial to distinguish between momentary pleasure and happiness that gives us a happy life.

Think of a day that made you happy. Now, will a similar day on all days of your life, make you happy? No, because boredom sets in, and the human mind seek change.

We need to be engaged in a meaningful pursuit and feel that we are responsible for positive changes in our lives– not all changes need be applauded or celebrated by the world. Be private!

That is a truly meaningful life. And that is the only thing that can give us long-term happiness and fulfillment.

True happiness is a mind that is at ease and peaceful, a heart that sings its own rhythms, and a life that seeks its true purpose. Seeking can be as pleasurable and fulfilling as finding sometimes…






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