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What Are The Amazing Factors That Everyone Must Know!



There are many amazing factors or points that everyone must know because these are the factors that are important to learn and know in our daily lives to make oneself updated and upgraded of what is going on around us and what is best for us because sometimes we know that facts but we ignore them as of less of knowledge or ignorance.

Trust Yourself. You know more than you think. Life has no limitations except the ones you make. Your life only gets better when you get better. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better do better.

Here are some amazing factors that everyone must know.

  • Sleep naked. When it comes to improving your overall health, sleeping naked may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, there are many benefits of sleeping in the nude that help to increase our overall health and well-being.

sleep naked


  • Cuddle with your beloved naked. Sleeping naked helps you get much closer to your partner. Taking off your clothes before bed can lead to a happier relationship — in more ways than one.
cuddle with partner
  • Embrace your body as a whole. Don’t slice it into different parts and address some parts with pride and some parts with shame. Love yourself!

embrace body


  • Do something you love, for at least 2 hours every day.
  • Say thanks to your food for nourishing you, before you eat it.

praying before food


  • Take a lot of pictures, and selfies.


  • Watch a stand-up comedy, preferably half-an-hour every day.

stand up comedy

  • Watch Porn or adult series or movies whenever you feel too much stress, it gives relaxation to your mind.
  • Don’t take anyone for granted. Everyone has their own identity.
  • If someone isn’t valuing you the way you want you to deserve to be valued, walk away.

walk away

  • If you’re an option in someone’s life who’s a priority to you, then un-prioritize them.
  • Don’t play games with someone’s feelings. Be straight forward about how you feel better than cheating them.
  • If you know someone’s manipulating you, either walk away or confront them.


  • If you know someone who has been giving their all for you, with very little in return from you, go out of your way to show them that you care for them, that you know what it means.


  • Minimize the amount of technology you have to have better peace of mind.
  • Get a USB hub.

USB hub

  • If you haven’t worn something for over a year, give it away.
  • Don’t buy anything if it is not immediately necessary or urgently needed. Simply put, don’t buy anything for luxury.
  • Delete the assholes from your life – even if it is someone in the family.
  • Drink a shot of red wine after dinner (50ml).

shot of wine

  • Call your parents at least once a week. Visit them at least once a month.

call your parents

  • Stop posting status indirectly for someone on WhatsApp or Facebook. If you have the guts, tell them directly. Otherwise, do away with it. Don’t be stupid.
  • Stop discussing your problems. Most people are glad you have them. The rest just don’t care. There’s no point. Either deal with it or just stop worrying.


  • Stop discussing your goals. Most people won’t help you with your goals when you need something. Some people get jealous. The rest don’t even care.
  • Cry as much as you want. But make sure that’s the last time you cry for whatever you’re crying for.


  • Laugh as much as you want. But make sure that’s not the last time you laugh about what you’re laughing about.


Experience is the best teacher.

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