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Weddings In Pandemic Crisis Covid-19



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Wedding bells going to start buzzing very soon as couples no longer wait for the pandemic crisis to over and it’s true why should they wait when it’s uncertain when the pandemic is going to end. In this situation of a pandemic, the Pandemic weddings are limited to the guest, decors, food, and everything.

In the times of the pandemic the weddings are redefined:

# Eco-Friendly:

Weddings in the pandemic Covid-19 becomes more Eco-Friendly as the people choose to reduce the amount of waste and also the huge invitation lists, which is important now more than ever in the time of social distancing.

# Hyper-Local:

Weddings are increasingly becoming efficient and Hyperlocal as the planners are shifting their focus towards sourcing materials – (from flowers to food) – from nearby locations, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the occasion, while also dealing with Covid-19 transport issues which are very chanceful now.

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# Efficiency:

In a pandemic, crisis weddings become more Efficient and cost-saving, as the Brides and grooms are now taking to the concept of a wedding registry.

In which, where: they list items they would like as gifts – which greatly reduces the waste generated from gifts, : they list names of guests- which greatly help in inviting them so as to maintain social distancing. 

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# Tech-Savy:

The pandemic wedding becomes TechSavy. Since in the pandemic, everyone has been working from home, and now wedding planners are too. So with many families too. They are able to easily shop and choose from online catalogs.

The planners can rely on technology to work for them and even send out digital invites. All becomes digital to avoid any harm caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

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Moreover, the weddings before the pandemic, reward their guests with flowers and gifts and so on but now planners preferred to provide masks, gloves, and sanitizers as essential elements in Covid-19 weddings.

With the pandemic seemingly never-ending, most people have resorted to living with the specter of COVID-19 around.

While the restrictions are still around, so many have to work within the rules to get married. Here is how India’s wedding scene has changed since the virus.

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