What You Should Never Say To A Person Who Is Depressed!

Depression is like a war: you either win or die



“Sometimes when I say

                             “I am okay “,

                   I want someone

to look me in the eyes,

                   hug me tight and say

” I know you are not”.

Despite growing awareness about mental health, depression continues to be a misunderstood term, often lumped with sadness or loneliness. As a result, most often, the advice offered to those battling it is more harmful than helpful.

For example, a depressive individual cannot simply sleep on it, or go out for a walk to feel better. When such things are said to them by those around, it may affect them adversely and they may further retreat into not opening up about their condition. So what is depression exactly, and how does one help those suffering from it? Here’s all you need to know.

There may not be one cause leading to depression, as it results from a complex interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors. It is very difficult to understand from the outside. Only a lack of something or failure may not lead to depression. Similarly, an individual who looks perfectly happy on the outside may also be battling it with.

There are three categories of depression -mild, moderate, and severe. It gradually goes into a zone where it becomes pervasive and also comes down the same way with psychotherapy and medication.


3 Key Identifiers Of Depression

Pervasive sadness extending for two weeks or more

Loss of interest in specific activities that used to pleasurable for you.

Physical and mental loss of energy to do anything, persistent fatigue


Persistent feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness

Loss of excessive appetite

Loss or excessive sleep



What should you never say to a people in case of depression:

  • You are strong, you will get over it.                                                                                              This may make them guarded about expressing themselves, lest they would be called weak.
  • Go out for a walk to shake it off.                                                                                                They may be incapable of getting themselves to do that despite encouragement.
  • Don’t think like this, don’t think negative.                                                                                      This will further push them towards hopelessness
  • Sleepover it/Eat something good to cheer up/Watch something positive.                                                 The loss of interest to do anything good will further add to the guilt.

Neve takes Depression as sadness or loneliness.


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