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New Denim Styles To Try

Tired of the same all skinnies?

Gone are the days when skinny tight jeans look great and fabulous. Ever since skinny jeans became fashionable in the early 2000s, it has been a difficult task to dislodge it from the popularity charts.

Time has come again which gives the denim a new look in the form of boot cuts, flares, and bell-bottoms, only to make an expected comeback. But now there is a loosening of legs in pants silhouettes. From a boot cut revival to a flare return, denim joggers, cropped pants, frayed culottes pants are now looking beyond the skinnies.

Thanks to paparazzi’s documentation of the airport and off duty looks, we see a lot of experimentation these days. We are in the early stages of a tipping point in fashion: not just a new seasonal turn in colors and prints but a sort of macro-level shift in proportions and silhouette that can come to define the look of an entire decade.

In 1970s bellbottoms, in 1980s tapered jeans, in 1990s boot cuts, since 2006 skinny jeans now 2020 wide-legged pants seem to be in. The athleisure movement of these pants has helped further to the cause of alternative silhouettes that are easier to wear.

Here are new styles to try out and we better warn you: some are not for the faint-hearted.

Ripe denim Ripe denim

Ripe denim

Ripe denim

Ripe denim

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