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How To DETACH Ourselves From Self

The Root Of Suffering Is Attachment But                                             The Root Of Happiness Is Detachment.

When you learn to let go you create space for something better!  Because everything is temporary; emotions, thoughts, people, and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it.

Detachment is not non-involvement in the world, but the ability to step outside and pay attention to your situation and remain detached from any desired outcomes. The paradox of life is that in order to acquire something you have to abjure your attachment to having it.

We can get attached to many things in life such as money, relationships, status, power, persons, and have feelings of anxiety, anger, fear, jealousy, hopelessness, sadness, pride, vanity and disconnectedness. These feelings mostly arise from attachments to things and peoples.                                                               If I am I because I am I                  If you are you because you are you                                                                Then I am I and you are you                                                                                    But if I am I because of you      And you are you because of I                                                                            Then I am not I and You are not you

So, learn to give spaces to things and peoples and let it go because Nothing is Permanent. Now we learn certain few steps to help us detach ourselves from self-

# The first step is to observe our minds and the kind of thoughts we habitually think.

Jot down all the points from where attachment comes from.  Ask yourselves why.  Ask yourself why now. Ask yourself what. Ask yourself how. Ask yourself when and become aware of all this. Now, we able to recognize that attachment comes with the emotional charge from which we have to free ourselves. The longer we keep it in, the harder it will get. So cry it all out, shout, sing or do whatever you like, just free ourselves.

# The second step is to distinguish our egos from the actual situation.

When the voice of our egos dominates us, what comes with it, is unrealistic expectations, emotions that left unsaid and unexpressed, feelings that left behind, driven by our desires to have or to own something. Detachment is not that you own nothing, Detachment is that nothing owns you.

# The third step is to embrace life with its uncertainties.

Start small and we will end up with something big. In detachment, we shouldn’t shock ourselves. We are often forced to initiate actions that we hope will result in miserable consequences.  When things do not turn out the way we thought they would, we get frustrated and become depressed and sad at the actual outcome. Don’t push ourselves and don’t tire ourselves too hard and learn to embrace life with its uncertainties.

# The fourth step is to seek and look forward.

Seek for help. Seek for a new beginning. Seek for something new. Use Meditation as a vehicle to help our mind release feelings and emotions that no longer serve us. Learn to let it out. A reason why people repeat the same mistake is that they do things habitually, even if those habits always result in negative results. Meditation helps us to see things more objectively and positively and hence help us to free ourselves from habits that work against us and hold on to a better future by looking forward.

# The fifth step is to not beat ourselves up for falling into old habits.

Detachment takes time and tons of patience. It isn’t easy. It’s a long journey. It takes twice as much effort. You will be digging deep to where it started. So stop beating ourselves up for falling into old habits instead we should celebrate this, that we are now noticing when we repeat old patterns of thoughts and habits. In time or in the future, this will help us transform our behavior.

At last, Detachment leads to inner calm and equilibrium in our life. The greatest price we have to pay to spare ourselves from grief at any cost is Detachment. Detachment comes with Forgiveness. So, forgive yourself. Imagine how happier you will be, imagine how better you will be and let these imaginations fuel your will to detach.

Be grateful for the pain and sorrow, be grateful for the joy and hope, be grateful for the memories, be grateful for the smiles and scars, wounds and tears. Be grateful for realizing the reason why you are detaching. This is the new beginning for you. You’ve come to your senses. You’ve come to realize where you really stand, what you are, what you can do and what will make you happy.

Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then return home.

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