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How do you own yourself in a world that wants to own you?  Did you want the world to control you ? or Did you want them to make you feel less, or what else? Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. So be original.

We live in a world where culture, advertising, social media wants us to be people they can manipulate- they tell us how we should feel, what we must wear, what we ought to eat, how we can find a partner, even, dictate how we can be attractive.

Can we free ourselves from this control? There is a book Own Yourself written by Kelly Brogan talks about getting our self-sovereignty back by peeling off the layers of a false self we have become so attached to, especially over the past decade. In doing so, we have hampered our own potential, growth and kept our true selves from shining.

Since our lives are so comfortably filtered in our smartphones, we have stopped recognizing who we truly are or worse, most of us are too scared to ask. We follow people so blindly that we have forgotten who we are. At least we have to acknowledge our insecurities and fears.

Owing Yourself is one of the most important stages of personal development and self-actualization. We are all born with a different constellation of traits, temperaments, inclinations, family backgrounds, and environmental circumstances. Do not nurture your full potential to fit in everyone’s cardboard boxes. This is the biggest disservice you can do to yourselves.

You can get back your personal power by letting yourself be yourself with having clear boundaries. For instance, wear what you want to wear not what you think others will like, say no to something you don’t want to do and don’t explain yourself. When we finally realize that the world doesn’t fall apart when we do our own thing, no matter how odd we start feeling better.

The first step towards owning yourselves is to recognize that the world is focussed on just looking good, not feeling good from within. That’s why everyone looks good on social media even they are sinking in the dark abyss of anxiety from within.

To own yourself, tell yourself every day that it’s okay not to be a part of herd mentality. It’s ok to focus on your own mental and emotional health. In short, instead of all the moaning and whining while keeping a happy face for the world we need to train our minds to understand that our lives, our health, and happiness is our responsibility.

A great way to own ourselves is to silence the voice of critics in your mind. You have to learn to accept yourself as who you are because you know that no matters what your faults are you are unique in your own way and the only one of your kind in this world.

Self-confidence is the key ingredient to own yourself. You can be a sheep amongst wolves and hold your own if you are confident of what you are capable of and know who you really are. You need to question every day to yourself what type of life you have lived and want to live, what you wanted to do and what people want from you and when you look back you realize it was such a waste of energy and mental space.

So, Are you ready to own yourself? Yes! then follow some rules:

  • Be original
  • Understand what motivates you
  • Rise up to new challenges
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone
  • Concentrate on your strengths
  • Speak up for yourself when need to
  • Find a new way of doing things
  • Live with integrity
  • Accept your self-sovereignty
  • Learned to say no to the people or things that don’t give you either joy or money to pay your bills.


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