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Trend Set In Fashion For 2020 Forwarding By 2019

Happy New Year Friends!

The year 2019 is a year of responsible fashion which has been now carrying forwarding in 2020 also. The trend set in fashion in 2019 is now taking forward in 2020 with a few experimental changes. From sustainability to shopping bans, 2019 will be remembered as the year when the fashion industry and business looked inwards and questioned its own practices. Sustainability was the fashion buzzword of the year and is going to shape future fashion. Recycling of clothes and passing them on with creativity is a huge fillip to the cause of sustainability.

The trends which have been carried are:

# Indian Printing Techniques Will Stay On

The year 2019 saw a surge in the Indian printing techniques-from dabu, bagru, bandhani, ikat to block. The Indian motifs are being reimagined for the new decade. The year 2020 is going to be a year of Indian Prints from digitally with blocks in monochrome give Indian motifs to handmade experimentations.

Indian print Kurti.
Lady in blue Indian hand block printing Kurti.
Saree in Indian Print
Printed saree

# Viva la sarees

This is a garment that goes from strength to strength. Designers are giving an experimental look to sarees to make them look chic by using ruffles, gathers, belts, different drapes, and blah blah.

Saree with belt
A pink color saree with a belt
Saree with ruffle pallu design
A peach color saree with ruffle pallu with designer blouse
Silk saree
Printed Silk Saree in off white color

# Ruffle it up

The fashion that ruled the roost for the year 2019 was the frills or ruffles. From lehengas to sarees to dresses and festive wear, it was everywhere. It was seen in the sleeves, shoulder or at the base of a dress also. Now the ruffle trend is carrying forward in 2020 also. The sheer trend will also stay big in 2020.

Ruffle it up
The sheer trend is on high in 2020
Ruffle neck dress
Pink peach color outfit with ruffle neck.

# Easy Festive

Festive wear in 2019 is easy going and sheds a lot of baggage whether in pockets or in weights. Women and brides-to-be go for lightweight fabrics and lehengas with little fusion fabrics which are now seen in 2020 also. Monochromatic is a new trend.

Festive Dress
Easy Festive ruffle layered dress.
2020 new trend in fashion

# Suit up

The year 2020 is the year of pantsuits which will be more structured and closely fitted to the body with power shoulders, and sneakers making a big twist on the business wear for women. If you want to be experimental, wear one without a shirt to show off some sexy decolletage. This trend gives you a bossy look.

Pant suit in red color
PantSuit in red color
White pant suit
White pantsuit

# The rise of a holiday look

The rise of the holiday look is in trends now. Fashionable swimsuits and functionally designed accessories made for great Insta uploads. This is a new fashion category which is nowadays popular in Bollywood.

Girl in a holiday mood on beach
Holiday look
Girl with a bohemian holiday look
Holiday look

# Return of the dandy

The dandy style is now becoming popular among women in 2020 along with the men as the men’s fashion came into style on its own also. The men in 2020 are going to be more experimental and will push the boundaries of gender fluidity. They no more shy away from fancy accents.

Dandy style women outfit
Return of dandy style
Men in dandy style and fancy accents
Men look in new fancy accents

# Bye, bye old trends

Ripped denim, transparent bags, and shoes, tiny bags, shirt dresses all are one season trends. Women are nowadays getting tired of living in trends and going for a more classic style for more shelf life. The basic jeans and everyday coat made a comeback as women want to invest in smaller wardrobes that can multitask. A good tip for 2020 to buy new clothes is to see if you can pair it with at least three items in your closet.

Lady in white shirt dress
Transparent bags
Transparent tote bags
Transparent shoes
White transparent shoes
Ripe denim
Ripped Denim

# Body positivity for the win

This is the year when the fashion looked inwards on its own prejudices. Body positivity is the fashion hot topic in 2019-2020. Models with plus-sizes are now covering space on-ramps and fashion magazines.

Plus-size bridal
Plus-size model
Plussize model in ramp
Plus-size Kurta in double shade
Sabyasachi plus-size Bride
Plus-size bride in red bridal dress.

# Polka dots are on the way

Polka dots are back now. It will be seen on any outfit whether Indian, Western or contemporary as well as on accessories too from shoes, bags and even hair clips.

Polka dot white dress
Lady in white polka dot dress
Polka dot sandals
Sandals in black polka dots.
Black polka dot Hairband
Polka dot hairband in a black hue.

At last, this will be the year of fringes and tassels and they are likely to be everywhere from cropped jackets to fringe-adorned boots. In terms of colors, yellow and all its shades are back as a trend. Classic blue and marigold shade is going to be the pick this year for both men and women. Among other accents, glitter, and sequins will move from party wear to everyday wear. The use of unconventional materials like plastic, metal, acrylic in interesting cuts is on trends. Fashion has been all about comfortable dressing but now the pendulum will swing back to formal dressing. The fashion landscape is all set to take a drastic turn due to increased competitiveness. Innovation is bound to go up.

2020 new fashion
Pink color lehenga with a short blouse.

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