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How Forgiveness Paves The Way To Stillness

“Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong person.”

An only a strong person can forgive others for their sins towards them, not a coward because they don’t have the attribute of forgiving. Everyone goes through this phase once in life. Forgiveness is not always easy.

When faced with painful moments caused by others, we have a choice either live in anger, hatred, and revenge which causes further suffering or to maintain a calm mind, which needs to cultivate forgiveness. Forgiveness involves forgetting what the person has done to us so we can move on with our life with a clear mind and heart.

When we do not forgive someone, thoughts of anger, hatred, bitterness, and revenge rankle in our minds and hearts, and we are the only one who suffers.

When we are filled with anger and hatred, we cannot concentrate on our work. Our productivity and efficiency may drop everywhere whether at home or at the workplace because we are unable to keep our mind on our work. Instead of paying attention to our work, we are just thinking about who has hurt us, how they have hurt us, why they have hurt us, and how we can hurt them back.

This cycle of angst thoughts festers in our mind, and we cannot focus on our work. Thus we may make mistakes and these mistakes can cost others as well as ourselves resulting in chaos. To avoid such circumstances it’s better to forgive.

These days Medical researchers have found that forgiveness has a positive effect on our brain because anger causes stress-related ailments on our mind which may result in damage in our brains.

Now, if we know that anger causes such harms than we have to learn the art of forgiveness. To forgive someone is not a hard task, it only needs some patience, love, clear mind, calm and big heart. Because if we hurt someone or someone hurt us, mentally or emotionally the reaction is negative and if we do not react to their negativity and forgive them then they have no one against them whom they react which hampers the chain reaction. If we stay loving and forgiving to others, how long will they be negative to us? They will also ultimately give up.

Back and forth, when we forgive others, we are not forgiving them we are forgiving ourselves from the anger, from the hatred, from the bitterness that surrounds us. Remember one thing we are forgiving them for our sake, for our mental peace and health, because we are living in a free world full oh happiness where everyone has the right to live, love and blessed.

Love and forgiveness inspire others also to love and to make the world peaceful. Forgiveness against those who hurt us is the greatest example of godly love in this world. If each of us is forgiving, it wouldn’t be so long that the world becomes more peaceful and loving which paves the way to stillness.

Another way to pave to stillness is to meditate. One of the most powerful way to forgive someone because of its virtue to still our mind and leads to serenity with spiritual development.

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