Palazzos are extremely trendy nowadays and a great to wear with any outfit for a woman. These pants are
best suited for spring and summer season because of how flowy they are.

Stylish Palazzo pants are a retro trend as they bring comfort and elegance at the
same time. It can sometimes be overwhelming with the options out there but your focus should be
on the fabric. There are several different variations of pants. Some palazzos are flared, some are
layered, some palazzos are tie-ups, some are pleated, some are like trousers and blah blah.

Palazzos are known for their solid colors and prints. So what you want to choose all depends upon the height and weight of the female. It’s a myth that shorter women can’t wear palazzo pants. If you are short going with culottes or pants with just the right hemline or opt for pants that aren’t loose. If you are tall go with flared or tie-ups pants with confidence as it gives an overall impression.

There is an abundance of choice when you are deciding what to wear with palazzo pants
Here some of the ways how to style palazzo pants :

 Carry straight cut palazzo pants with long and short kurti is a perfect match for daily wear.

 To look stylish and chic, wear flared plain palazzo with a crop top or tank top or off
the shoulder top with high wedges. Finish off with a pair of statement jewelry and messy

 Bored with regular salwar suits, experiment with palazzo suits. They are Effortlessly
Stylish . Give them boho chic look with stylish accessory and ballet sandals.

 Palazzo Tie-ups, a classy statement, skirt at front and trousers at the rear, pair them
with a plain t-shirt and denim shirts and flip – flops to give a dynamic look.

 Aaahh, high neck halter top or off shoulder tucked in your beautiful pleated palazzo with
the classic belt around the waist and contemporary jewelry and high heels goes a long way to
rock ur party.

 Love a little bit of extra in everything, the layered palazzo, extra layering adds more
drama to the palazzo pants. Pair them up with full sleeves tops or a lace shirt for a pretty
feminine look. Accompanied with high wedges and chandeliers are the cherry on top.

 A new kid on the style, cropped palazzos, end inches above the ankle, giving u a modern
and chic look. Team them with kitten heels and georgette tops to steal the thunder of
many styles.

Now you all know how to style palazzo pants, then, what are you waiting for? The options
are endless and there is so much you can do with them. Soooooo, ladies get ready, play around
a little and see what fits you the best to rock the world.

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