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Beauty has so many forms, but I think the most beautiful thing is confidence and loving yourself.

No one can define beauty as it is the inner self of a person. One can look beautiful in many ways, having a good heart, smile on face, calm look, and blah blah. Beauty is not about having a fair skin or pale complexion. Beauty is healthy and radiant skin which is not that difficult to attain in the modern fashion world. It’s time to bid goodbye to highly expensive saloons and skin treatments.

The season is set to get hot! In keeping with that, how about setting the temperature scorching with your own glowing bod! Get ready for the bikinis and shorts as you look svelte and radiant. Instead of the expensive, exotic regimens, how about using a few natural and basic ingredients that can be got right in your kitchen.

Try salt, neem, coffee, honey, orange, lemon, chocolate, and oats – that make for effective beauty boosters. Here’s we go how to use these:


You may love your mug of morning java, but it’s a powerful beauty booster. Owing to their texture, coffee grounds effectively exfoliate the skin. To try this, take a handful of grains and apply them in a circular motion on the skin to remove the dead layers. Coffee has antioxidants and is also said to reduce cellulite. Another great scrub is ground coffee with brown sugar and olive oil. Coffee grounds mixed with honey also act as an effective lip balm.


Got sensitive skin? Opt for a simple honey oatmeal mask. Just grind a cup of oatmeal in a blender. Add honey to it and mix till it gets a smooth consistency. Smooth it over the face, rubbing gently. Leave it over the face and neck for 10 minutes and rinse it off with warm water. Use this thrice a week for clear skin. Another idea is to have an oatmeal bath, where you add milk and oatmeal to your bath water. Soak in it to have smooth, luxuriously soft skin.


A basic salt scrub is the most popular body treatment that can easily be done at home. Salt exfoliates the skin, sloughing off dirt and dead skin cells, leading to a fresh look. Use sea salt or pink salt, which is packed with minerals. Blend it with some yiang yiang oil or sweet almond oil.


Neem is an Ayurvedic wonder. It’s most known for its inflammatory effect and protects the skin. It also has vitamins that improve the elasticity of the skin. Neem clears blemishes- just add some sandalwood powder to it as well as rose water, to make a paste and apply this to the skin.


A superb pick me up for tired skin is Multani mitti(fuller’s earth) and dried orange. To use it, take a tablespoon of both fuller’s earth and orange zest(peel) powder. Add some rose water to make a paste. Apply this mask on the face and rinse off only when it’s semi-dry. The face pack draws out impurities as well as blackheads, to give smoother, clearer skin. Orange is packed with vitamin C and busts the harmful effects of free radicals on the skin. It tones the skin and reduces acne. Try orange peel + turmeric + honey or orange peel powder + lime juice to get rid of a tan.


Moong Dal is a wonder gram and useful in beauty treatments. It is used as an exfoliator. Grind the dal with some sandalwood powder, orange peel powder, lime juice, rosewater, and a few curry leaves to makes a paste. You can also soak the dal overnight and then mix with a paste of almonds and honey. Leave this on the face for 10 minutes and wash off to get radiant skin. To remove a tan, take some soaked moong dal and add curd to it. Apply it on the face and rinse with cold water.


Another simple face pack that can be prepared quickly is the besan rose water one. Just mix the gram flour with rosewater to make a paste. Apply it on the face and neck. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off. It hydrates the skin, bringing about a lovely, radiant glow.


Take half a cup of ground sea salt one tablespoon of coconut oil, zest of one lemon and mix this. Scoop out a little and scrub it on the face using gentle motions. You can also use it in the shower as a body scrub. Add a pinch of olive oil and lavender to induce relaxation to it.


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