Fashion, Fashion, Fashion…… it’s completely transpicuous, it’s fun, it’s confusing and it never goes
off. Change is constant when we talk about fashion as new fashions are being designed every day. Fashion is something that comes from within you. It is the way how you carry yourself and how
comfortable you are in the clothing you wear.

There are so many different types of Fashion styles that have always been gone through innumerable changes from elegant to shimmery, trendy yet casual, and so on. What are you thinking of girls? Come and update yourself about fashion styles.

1 Bohemian Fashion Style

A non – traditional style which looks similar to arty and also known as ‘Boho’. The style mainly
focuses on wild patterns, tie-dyes, geometric prints on exotic textures. The style got inspired by gypsies and hippies.

2 Chic or Trendy

Chic the word itself says trendy or fashionable. The women who follow this style is always up –
to-date on the latest trends and surely update her wardrobe with changing seasons. Most stylish
attire’s comes in this fashion style that is the latest and hottest.

3 Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage fashion style is also known as Retro Style. The Style of the previous era from the early 20s to 70s. It’s mainly a girly fashion style and most of her outfits consist of plenty of laces, flowers,
ruffles and pale colors.

4 Sexy Fashion Style

Sexy fashion style is all about exposure and showing off ur figures best features (belly, legs, and
breast ). The main purpose is to grab the attention of a man. Body shape tight clothing, high heel,
crop tops, long slits is not every woman’s cup of tea. You got a lot of guts to carry such type of style

5 Casual Fashion Style

Casual simply means relaxed, occasional, not planned, or informal. It is every day to wear. Casual
is a combination of elegance with comfort over formality. Simple clothing with matching accessories all it grabs. As simple as it can.

6 Exotic Fashion Style

Exotic, the name itself describes, mysterious and intriguing, something very uncommon which
is unique for ordinary people. The style includes rich colors, embroidery, bold prints, stunning
jewelry that catches everyone’s eyes.

7 Tomboy Fashion Style

Tomboy fashion style is for those girls who prefer the boyish look , typical jeans shirts and Tshirts .
It is yet simple as modern and for the girls who don’t want to be dressed like a woman.. These girls
are very sporty and daring and doesn’t follow the latest fashion and trends

8 Sophisticated Fashion Style

Sophisticated means luxury and culture. The woman who demands respect from everyone
around her, who is smart and dress like business women.. This style is for the woman of high
class. Her body language, expressions, postures, words all are parameters to measure how
sophisticated she is.

9 Glamorous Fashion Style

Glamorous style is associated with the dazzling and shimmering look. The woman with this type of
fashion style filled her wardrobe with the most glamorous and elegant pieces of clothing of silk and satin. She loves to wear diamonds that makes her looks very elegant..Glamorous means more
attractive, exciting or interesting than ordinary, that everyone wants to look at her.

10 Artsy Fashion Style

Artsy is a style for a creative thinker. The energetic and intense fashion style typically features
garments with asymmetrical designs and patterns and tons of vibrant colors dictated by famous art pieces and elements. Artsy fashion doesn’t strive to delight you. It’s to shock you, amaze
you and inspire you.


There are a variety of fashion styles for a woman to choose because the sphere of fashion is
outstanding. It’s up to you what types of fashion you choose and fill your wardrobe with that

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